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Helping mothers, parents and families to thrive by offering evidence based, holistic education and support around pregnancy, birth and the early years. 

Jillian Ryan

Registered Nurse-Midwife; OMP Educator; Mama Rising Facilitator & Coach

About Me

Hi! I'm Jillian. I'm a Registered Nurse and Midwife, Optimal Maternal Positioning Educator, Mama Rising Facilitator and Coach, and have been working with mums and families for the past 5 years. I'm also a mama to two amazing kids, and I am so very grateful to be raising them on beautiful Wardandi Country in South West WA.


I've had a range of experiences  during my motherhood journey so far, including pregnancy loss, single parenting, postnatal anxiety and depression, isolation, loss of identity and mum rage, to name a few, and all of these have led me to this point. 

Through my experience as a health professional, a mum, a friend, and a sister, I have seen many women struggle with so many aspects of motherhood, and I know that something needs to change. Our modern society is not designed to support women and mothers, and so often we are mothering in isolation, feeling like we are the only ones struggling.


My wish is for all mamas to embark on motherhood having experienced a positive and empowering birth, and being held and supported by a community of other women throughout this rite of passage. I want to help women to regain connection with and trust in their own bodies, and take this self trust with them into their parenting. I am passionate about sharing information around biologically normal infant sleep and behaviour, so that mamas can be adequately prepared for raising babies and children and can follow their instincts to parent in a way that feels right to them. I want to share the wisdom of matrescence to help mamas have a better understanding of the incredible transformation they are going through so that they don't feel alone in their experience. I want to see women flourishing through motherhood, rather than just surviving.


Healthy, happy mamas are vital for the health and happiness of the next generation, and will help to create stronger communities and a better world for us and our children. 


Please reach out if you would like to chat, I can't wait to meet you!



Learn how 15 minutes a day can get you a safer, easier, more empowering birth!

Busselton and Bunbury classes available

Prefer to learn OMP in the comfort of your own home? I can come to you! 

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1:1 online coaching for mamas, incorporating the wisdom of matrescence, helping mamas to redefine their experience of motherhood

For pregnant and new mamas, and more experienced mamas too. Come and experience what it feels like to be surrounded and supported by other women as we share and give reverence to our experiences of motherhood and matrescence

Holistic Sleep, Newborn, & Early Parenting support

Coming soon! Watch this space...

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